The symposium will take place at the Haeundae Grand Hotel.

Thursday, 1. June 2017

LaVision will exhibit the latest advances and products on the PIV 17 conference in Busan, Korea from the 18 - 22.June 2017

Our new DaVis 10 software platform combines the current demands for usability, data handling and visualization with outstanding image processing algorithms. As with previous DaVis versions, the new software supports a full range of different camera models and other hardware for the various application fields.

The MiniShaker is a novel, compact 4-camera system family for Tomographic PIV or Shake-the-Box measurements. The systems are pre-calibrated and allow an easy setup and flexible use. In combination with the Helium-filled soap bubble generator and the new LED-flasher it is perfectly suited for water as well as wind tunnel applications.

The new software module Pressure from PIV provides time-averaged and instantaneous pressure fields from recorded velocity data.

With the Helium-filled soap bubble generator large volume PIV measurements and particle tracking in combination are now possible for the first time. High seeding densities are achievable.

We hope to see you in Busan!